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Congratulations! You are a winner!

Your DNA was created by the very first sperm out of millions that managed to hit your mother's egg cell. So the biological make up of YOU is equivalent to an olympic gold medalist to say the least! Regardless of what you think of your body, it is a mechanism that is so cleverly designed it makes any scientist gasp with awe. You have a heart and lungs to bring oxygen to your cells. I won't even mention the cool, intricate series of events that take place when your brain signals your muscles to contract. Just think of a baby and how hard it works first to learn how to grip things, then to sit up, crawl, stand, walk and speak. You have all of that nailed, congrats! Your blood cells carry O2 to every little cell in your body, and somehow all these little organisms know when to die and replace themselves to keep your body vibrantly alive. Then there are your 7 energy centres (chakras) in your body. Because we can measure energy, we are safe to recognise how these chakras look after various parts of your body as well as aspects of your life. When your chakras are rocking, free from blockages, then your life is rocking. When you start believing this, you shift your attention within you instead of trying to change the outside world and circumstances. You recognise that perhaps that rude person who initially made you feel hurt just had a bad day and you don't need to tell her off (and create more negative vibrations as a result). You learn that you are the source of all abundance, infinite love, gratitude, wisdom and joy. You learn that you also are the one blocking all the goodness when you forget to connect to your source and get your energy rocking. You are the one in the driver's seat! Or like Dr. Seuss put it: " You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose". All the things you need to live your life, you already have: your brain, your dreams, your heart and your breath. All the other stuff is just stuff.

Start living your life looking at the amazing miracle that you are.


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