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Problems are best solved with love

Problems solved with love

It was Saturday and the sun was shining. Lil, my 6 year old daughter declared that she wanted to go for a bike ride. We rode into town, had a play and a lovely time until the thing happened: Lil felt the fun was over, she was tired and she stopped to tell me that her legs were sore. Her bike's handlebars turned and I saw as if it was in slow motion. One move to the side and her bike fell over and hit the inside of her leg. The already tired little 6 year old screamed and I watched the frustration build in her little body. She kicked the bike and got even more upset as the kick now hurt her toe. I told her to take a breath and explained: "Problems are best solved with love".

She picked up her bike and between sobs we thanked the bike for the wonderful ride and said sorry for letting go of the handlebars. She then decided that her bike was a horse and its name was "Love". We galloped home on our bikes together, hooting and giggling. Later that day I continued thinking about my statement about problems and love.

A little while ago I realised how wrong it is to view problems as something bad, something unwanted. Where would we be without problems? We would be so bored! Sure, I get you. No doubt problems are really annoying when they pop up when you least expect them. Think about it, though: Once they are overcome, on the other side there is courage, accomplishment, sense of achievement and confidence! All these virtues are born from overcoming difficult problems. The people we tend to look up to and admire are those who have overcome an illness, won a medal, solved a huge and difficult problem. Have a think about the people you admire and why that is... So my question for this space is: What if you get excited when a problem comes your way? What if you say: "Hello courage, welcome life lesson!". The difference is in solving it with love rather than with fear. No doubt your problem will pass. How you respond to it is entirely up to you. XXX

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