Fitness Passport

Information for Fitness Passport Holders

Please read the information below to find out how to sign up to our studio


You can book online using a promo code by clicking the “Join Online” button below. Then follow the prompts to create an account!

You won't be able to select the membership Fitness Passport from the "booka class" buttons. So please make sure you have your membership set up via this page first, or kindly contact us via email using the chat box to your bottom right. Once on the Fitness Passport membership page, set up your payment details. Click on the apply promocode option under the price tag. To receive a $500 discount please use the promo code: FITMEMBER. Do not proceed to payment if it still asking for full amount; there should only be $1 left. This $1 amount is so we can have your payment details on file because we charge a $20 per class for any invalid FP holders coming to class. An admin fee of $40 will be charged for any refund we need to process if you do not use the code and accidentally are charged $500, so please double check before completing the online sign up.

Once this is complete, you can book from our website or download the Momence App ensuring you use the exact same details to log in. Please ensure you bring your Fitness Passport with you to class which our teachers will need to validate for your membership. You will find the Momence App link on our Timetable page.


Signing in ensures that your class is subsidised by fitness passport so you don't have to pay yourself. You'll need to scan in each time you visit. If the scanner doesn’t work please use the sign in sheet. If you don't scan or use the sign in sheet you will have to pay for the class yourself.


Join our Yoga Basics course


What is covered with the Fitness Passport?

Your Fitness Passport covers you for unlimited access to all classes on our website timetable. It doesn’t cover special workshops, courses or trainings we run such as our useful Yoga Basics course ($90), Baby and Me course, or Kids Yoga, which you can sign up for separately.


You can come as many times as you like per week for the standard classes on the timetable. However, if you book in for classes without showing up you will be charged $5 for the first three no-shows and $10 per no-show after that. Its important not to take up spaces in classes you don’t attend, as it stops others from being able to make a booking so all fitness passport holders and members get the best access to classes.

Also included in your FP membership is access to our Infrared Sauna. IR Sauna has proven to be very effective with pain management, injury recovery, weight loss, and keeping your skin young plus more. You can learn more by hitting the IR sauna button below.

Make sure you check your emails for useful information on class etiquette and what to bring.