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Class Descriptions


Class Description

Colour Codes

Yoga HIIT *

Flow **

Flow *

Flow & Yin *

Slow Flow *

Slow Hatha *

Yin Yoga *

Symbol Chart

Class builds heat, tone & strength

Class offers calming & restoring elements, often with long held & supported stretches.

**       it is recommended to have done Yoga Basics or some Yoga before attending

*       no previous experience is needed when joining this class

Our Class Options

Yoga HIIT *

In this 25-30 minute express class you will receive the most effective way of building fitness and strength wrapped in a Yoga - body - breath - awareness package to make you feel strong, lean, centered and empowered.

We use the popular Tabatha timer of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest with safe Yoga sequences to prevent injuries and build fitness. Breathing techniques used in this class are some of the most effective stamina building methods, and will have you puffing like an Olympian in no time!

If you're worried about limited fitness or movement, be assured you are able to commence joining this class at your level, as you will pick the pace of the sequences, and quickly build up to move quicker as you get stronger.

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Flow **

Flow with two stars is recommended for those who have previously joined our Yoga Basics course or attended around 10 Yoga classes.

This is the Yogi playground where we move to build awareness, heat, and confidence. You will build heat, length, coordination, and compassion.

If you already practice Yoga, you will know this class as Vinyasa, Power Yoga, or Open. Our Flow at 6am builds towards a peak pose, but without attachment. Our classes will provide options to play with more challenging Yoga poses, but our teachers will always give options to keep you safe and secure.

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Flow & Yin *

Flow & Yin is the perfect blend between building stamina and finding calm. For the first half of the class you will be guided through a simple sequence of postures, getting your body fit like a Jedi warrior. We will repeat the sequence a few times, which allows you to drop out of your head and into a trance-like state.

Once you have tuned your body for more strength, stamina, and balance your teacher will guide you into some soothing long held stretches. ahhh... notice your exhales turning from pants to looooong calming sighs of relief. Witness even the tightest joints opening up and your calming hormones buzzing through your body, your entire existence becomes Zen. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, fitness and flexibility. See you on the mat!

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Hatha *

Embrace deliberate movements and extended holds designed to enhance flexibility, build strength, and foster mindfulness. Slow Hatha is a practical and rejuvenating journey, where peace meets practice.


Guided by a soothing pace, you'll experience a harmonious blend of physical postures (asanas) and breathwork (pranayama) designed to release tension, promote strength, and cultivate mindfulness.

As you move through the deliberate sequences, you'll find moments of stillness to ground yourself and foster a deeper mind-body connection. Allow the calming atmosphere to dissolve the stresses of the day, leaving you rejuvenated and centered.

Suitable for all levels, this class offers a calm space to unwind, release tension, and connect with your breath.

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Yin Yoga *

Yin Yoga has blended the traditional yoga postures and adapted Traditional Chinese Medicine science to these postures. Various postures will target different energy loops that run through your body. The postures are held for 3-7 minutes; all stretch-type postures with the use of yoga props to get you comfy. When holding your stretches for longer than 1 minute, your connective tissues are being stimulated. Without getting too technical, this means sexy, elastic, open joints and movement for longer!

If you struggle to slow down by yourself, this class will teach you how. If you're looking for Zen, your Yin class is Zen in concentrate. Do it. Invest that time in yourself.


Yin is suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility. Please advise your teacher before class if you have any concerns or limitations in movement. The entire class is either seated or lying down. No yoga experience is required.

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Flow *

Flow with one star is also building strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Just like your two-starred Flow, but in a beginner friendly way. In this Flow, we have shaved off the more complex sequences, so that our students can lose themselves in their breath and movement more easily.

You won't need to think too much and can instead feel a little deeper into the muscles and bones of your body in each of the linked postures. You will finish this class with calming stretches, and the much-loved relaxation at the end.

This class may include some breath practices, and meditation.

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Slow Flow *

Slow Flow is a Hatha based class offering sequences with linked postures, but with the allowance of staying in the postures for several breaths.

Slowing down the movements, allows an increased focus on alignment, but also a deeper sensation in each posture. Because we move slower, and because of the advanced experience of our teachers, this class can be soft or tough. Depending on what you need each day. Each posture offers multiple options to either amp up the intensity, or soften the pose for the more sensitive joints in the room.

This class is beginners friendly, however the more experienced Yogis will love the opportunity of deepening their postures.

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Chair Yoga *

Chair Yoga is often mistaken for a Seniors' class. While it is popular with our wiser Yogis, it's not exclusive to Seniors. All ages will find that this class builds strength, length, posture, and stamina.

The chairs are used for some of the practice, but most Chair Yoga classes will also involve standing postures, balancing, and coming down on the floor (option to remain on the chair if coming to the floor is too challenging).

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