Our Teachers


Mia Tycehurst

Mia is the founder of Forster Yoga Studio. She was originally a dancer in Stockholm, Sweden. After a dance injury in 1997, she started teaching group fitness classes in 1999. She has taught a vast range of fitness classes, but feels now that she has found "home" in teaching yoga. She is a certified Level 1 Yoga Teacher, well on her way to her level 2 completion with Power Living.


With 20 years of experience in teaching movement, her key message is to encourage people not to get caught up on what the movement looks like, but rather what it feels like. In more recent years, especially after becoming a mother in 2010, she felt an increasing passion for promoting personal growth through movement and yoga. You are not just a body, nor are you just a mind or a soul; all of you is connected and yoga helps you tap into boundless of joy and vitality!


Mia encourages acceptance of self rather than comparison with others. She loves tapping into the 'feeling' of music and her classes are flowing and dynamic. Mia is an avid meditator, and you will find yourself surprised at how relaxed you can feel even after one of her signature vigorous Vinyasa classes.


Tracy Lucock

Tracy has practiced yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching yoga for 15 years.


When moving to our area from teh Central Coast, Tracy spoke about her passion for yoga:
"Throughout my life I have had a strong interest in the health of the mind and body. I have studied extensively the physical body, nutrition and disease, natural medicine as well as the benefits of a healthy mind – exploring more the spiritual aspects of life, counseling therapy, yoga and meditation.

I love to inspire others to help themselves and lead a healthy life by encouraging students to slow down breathe and listen to the wisdom of their bodies."

Tracy has a soothing energy, with her vast experience of teaching and learning about health and wellness, you will feel comfortable no matter what level of experience you have.


Anni Turunen

Anni is a Finn with a global heart, but her roots are deep in the Finnish nature. She has a blend of formal yoga teacher training, energy work and life experience that gives her a unique ability to see and hear those around her in a way that is very gentle and real.

She originally started yoga as a form of exercise when she was working in a fast paced job in London, but quickly discovered the amazing benefits yoga has to offer to the mind and soul. Yoga and other personal development tools had such an impact on her that she decided to leave the corporate world behind. Anni completed her yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Throughout the years she has developed an interest in correcting the imbalances on the physical, psychological and emotional body created by past trauma and stressful lifestyle. Anni’s mission in her classes is to create a safe space for healing, transformation and embodiment. The most important thing for her is to help you find you own flow so you can experience higher love, greater growth and deeper healing.

Anni is also a qualified Reiki healer, and offers treatments at Forster Yoga Studio. 


Nitya (Nityadrashta) Robertson

Nitya is an accredited Level 2 Yoga teacher, teaching the Satyananda system from the Bihar School of Yoga in India, which is an integral style of Hatha Yoga using authentic teachings (with a long lineage) that are still very relevant for today’s lifestyle. Nitya has a graduate certificate in Yoga Therapy and is also a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach.

Nitya has been practising Yoga since the age of 20 and teaching since 2000. Passionate about sharing the wisdom of Yoga to every-body, Nitya believes Yoga is accessible to all and says “If you can breathe you can do Yoga. It works on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  If you incorporate Yoga practises in your life on a regular basis you will reap the benefits of better health, flexibility, reduced stress, deeper sleep, relaxation, inner peace and balance in daily life.”

Nitya’s Yoga classes are designed to suit all body types and levels of experience and include: asana, pranayama, meditation and where time permits, Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation practise).

Rachel Walker

Rachel first stepped onto the mat 20 years ago – and a whole new world opened up to her.

Originally dedicated to Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, her love of yoga has seen her experience a considerable range of the many beautiful flavours that yoga offers today. She has spent extensive time in India where she studied Ashtanga in Mysore, Sivananda Yoga in Trivandrum and Mangrove Mountain and yogi meditation masters. She has also studied with Senior Yoga teachers such as Donna Farhi, Duncan Peak and Nicky Knoff.

Rachel completed her 420 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Qi Health and Yoga in Sydney 10 years ago. Her classes are sequenced to challenge the body, deepen the breath and quieten the mind. Expect strong yet nurturing flows, and juicy stretches with a light hearted, playful vibe.

Ashri Hudson Yoga Teacher pre natal mums and bubs teacher

Ashari Hudson

Yoga has been a part of Ashari's life in some way since she was born. Ashari's life as an adolescent, dancer, actor, traveller, teacher and mother has allowed her to witness the great things that can be accomplished when we are not held back by our fears and limiting beliefs. During time nannying in London her desire to teach yoga was ignited. She saw how valuable yoga could be to both mothers before and after birth and children of all ages.

Ashari trained with Idit Tamir at Sukha Mukha in Bronte 2014 and she is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom shared by her teachers.

Ashari provides a space for mothers to be, mothers and babies, children, teens and adults of all ages, to connect with themselves and each other. She encourages her students to have fun and to love the light within, and be grateful for all that they are, leaving the mat feeling nurtured, nourished, refreshed, and content.


Fern Champion

Fern was strongly connected with the ocean and nature early in life. By the age of 18 this love of the natural spirit and balance of the earth led her to Yoga. The holistic nature of the Yogic path deeply resonated with her and it became a central part of her life.


In 2009 she completed her level 2 teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre. This grounded her practice and sparked her passion for pranayama and meditation, strong features of her Yoga style. In 2011 Fern discovered Vipassana meditation which has added another layer to her practice and teaching of Yoga. All classes with Fern include pranayama, asana and a strong emphasis on mindfulness and meditation.


Fern has a background in psychology and works as a school counsellor at a number of schools in the local area. She uses Yoga, particularly mindfulness meditation, with children and young people. She sees Yoga as a vehicle to cultivate psychological flexibility and to strengthen mental health.


Fern teaches Hatha and Vinyasa (Yang) Yoga as well as Restorative classes. She is currently on leave to mother her second child, but will join back up when her little baby is older.