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Top 20 reasons why old women ROCK!

The other day I heard a 24 year old woman refer to herself as old. I snickered and remembered my oath to self when I was about the same age. I recall thinking: "If I'm saying I'm old now, what am I when 34? And when 44? I may as well say I am young and always compare with the ones 15 years my senior regardless of my age. That way I will walk through life feeling young".

Why is getting old such a tabu thing for women? I wonder what the fuss is about? I seriously don't get it. Here are our top 20 reasons why old(er) women ROCK:

1. You no longer take crap from others

2. You are more confident

3. You look at your naked body thinking: It's not going to get any prettier, I may as well love my body as it is

4. You have a better job

5. Your bank likes lending you money

6. You have the whole "what shall I do before having kids" stress behind you

7. You have made some mistakes and come to terms with them

8. You know what to do with your clitoris

9. You love learning about who you are

10. You no longer are afraid of being alone but rather love that time spent with self

11. You forgive mistakes

12. You no longer worry about what your boobs look like when being on top!

13. You value time with friends and family

14. Grey hair is sexy

15. You have seen more countries than youngsters

16. You have seen more changes and know how to deal with them

17. You have wisdom

18. You know how much you can love and you know its power

19. You know how to dress the body you have been given

20. You remember to breathe

Being young rocks, too. Just for different reasons. I suppose the key message is as long as you love and embrace yourself for who you are, you ROCK. Sending you all our love XXX

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