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How to let the miracles happen

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It's Sunday, the sun is out and I have just finished stripping out the big items out of the studio (to be). It's noon and I'm hungry. Roxy, the dog and I walk up to Beach Bums where it's far too busy and I realise that I forgot my wallet. On the detour past my home I ask myself: "Now where would I like to have lunch?" and quietly, instantly intuition says: "Kembali at Blueys". I start and argument with myself in my head that it's too far to drive and by the way I am low on petrol, and what am I thinking taking up that much time just to have lunch.... and then I stop. Through my journey of mindful living, I have learned that it pays off listening to that little voice, my intuition, even if it's not making much sense at the time.

I start the car, Roxy snuggles up, music on and we drive. On the way I ponder on how cool our intuition is. With more and more research backing up the concept that humans are energy and that energy vibrates at various frequencies, it's really not that strange that we can receive guidance about things that happen later. Our inner voice is the power point you can plug in to at any time to receive limitless energy from universe/prana/chi/our higher power/call it what you want. Is it really that strange? 400 years ago we believed that the earth was flat. Just because we don't understand exactly how we are all connected doesn't make it "woo-woo" to me.

Lately I have become really good at this intuition following business if I may say so myself. My handyman was un-contactable, I needed a ute, and I wanted 2 more 6AM Yoga classes on the timetable. No need to worry when you are plugged in. The worry does in fact just "un-plug" you. Your vibrations change and give you what you worry about instead. The other day I spontaneously decided to drop in at my printer to see how my flyers were coming along. They were just being packed for me as I stepped in! And as I walk out of the printer's, in walks my new handyman Rick! I receive a phone call from a friend who needed someone to listen and was offered to borrow his ute as a thank you. Later that day I receive a message from another ute-owning friend, I can borrow his during the week!

Oh, and the classes? Check out the timetable by clicking here!

As I park the car at Bluey's my beloved friend and her family have just sat down for some lunch. How I've been meaning to catch up with her, and there they all are ready for me to join them! All you need to do is just listen, surrender to the voice inside and watch miracles happen every day.


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