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Yoga Fit Challenge

As we age, we just have to become smarter with how we move and care for our health.



At FYS we understand that health is not just about movement, health is also about how you feel in your skin, your thoughts between your ears, as well as improving your chemistry through relaxation, breath work & infrared sauna.

More and more people are getting curious around Longevity science, especially as it has been found that Loneliness has a more damaging effect on Longevity than smoking or even obesity! Studies in so called Bluezone areas have shown that societies where the old people are honoured and part of daily routines, show the longest life expectancy.

Why is this relevant to us? Purely by joining our classes and programs, you will already be well on the way towards a longer and healthier life.


While the movement works on improving your strength, bone density, balance and your cardiovascular system & energy efficiency, the long held stretches improve elasticity in your joints. Our Infrared Sauna helps you to recover, deal with pain and generally gives you the glow of youth (think less wrinkly skin!).

Our Yoga HIIT classes are specifically designed for those wanting to avoid injuries from the gym, but still be challenged physically in a safe environment. We start our classes with breath work to help the body improve their energy efficiency.

Another lifespan inhibition is Stress. Stress under prolonged periods of life can contribute to digestive problems, which in its turn can lead to lower immunity. All our classes include meditation, some breath work, and relaxation at the end. Our Yin Yoga and Soothing Flow classes calm the nervous system. If you're a "go getter' kind, it can feel like you're not getting much done when you first try a class. But rest assured you will find your focus and work efficiency improve by investing time for your relaxation, and longer life span is guaranteed.

Welcome on board!

Our Longevity Pillars

Yoga Fit Challenge

Yoga HIIT & breath work

improve your fitness at your level


Infrared Sauna

reduce pain

eliviate inflammation

youth your skin

sleep better

lose weight


Reduce Stress & Inflammation

Yin Yoga, Soothing Flow & Private Yoga sessions for the time poor

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