You're awesome !

This is a bit embarrassing, but we are a bit like a puppy dog excited to make a new friend. Insert crazily wagging dog tail here... Yoga has transformed our lives, and we are committed to make yoga accessible for you to transform yours, too.

Yoga is not just a physical experience giving you more strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Once you start, you will notice how the mental practice will transform you on so many levels. You will not look back.

We are always happy for a chat, if you just want to get in touch and have a one on one chat on where to start, leave your details here!

The newbies best 2 options to start:

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Find out more about times and details on workshops and yoga beginners courses here.

New yogis enjoy our special intro offer: Try unlimited classes for just $59 for a month!

Senior newbies:

If you're worried about getting onto the floor and not getting up again, then our Stay Young Yoga classes are exactly what you need.

We practice yoga on chairs, and boy! You'll be surprised how strong you get and how good you will feel from this! For more info on Stay Young Yoga, hop over here.

The Newbies' Frequently Asked Questions:

Which yoga class should I start with?

What do I bring?

What are the facilities?

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