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This is a bit embarrassing, but we are a bit like a puppy dog excited to make a new friend. Insert crazily wagging dog tail here... Yoga has transformed our lives, and we are committed to make yoga accessible to you so you can transform yours, too.

Yoga is not just a physical experience giving you more strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Once you start, you will notice how the mental practice will shift you on so many levels. Imagine yourself smiling at your boss, or at your ex... and it's not one of those fake, plastered on smiles but a genuine "feeling content" smile. Imagine waking up pain free and after a deep, restful sleep. Imagine feeling strong and sexy. Yoga can give you all of that. You will not look back.

If you're not quite sure if yoga is for you, or worried the yoga classes might not suit your level, call us or leave your details here. Our friendly team will get in touch with you for a free consultation. Our number is 0422 390 570.

The newbies best 2 options to start:


next course starting in 2022

1 month intro offer yoga (2).png

Join our popular Yoga Basics course for 6 weeks of fun, learning, support and personal growth.

Our course includes 1 month of unlimited classes and guidance along the way.

New yogis enjoy our intro offer with 1 month of unlimited classes for just $69. Get weekly check in calls to make sure you're getting the most value for your first month.


If you're worried about getting onto the floor and not getting up again, then our Stay Young Yoga classes are exactly what you need.

We practice yoga on chairs, and boy! You'll be surprised how strong you get and how good you will feel from this! Losing balance, strength and flexibility are all signs of ageing. Practicing yoga with us will slow these symptoms down and keep you feeling young for longer!

For more info on Stay Young Yoga, hop over here.

Senior newbies

The newbies frequently asked questions


Which yoga class

should I start with?

Restorative Yin or Healing Hatha for stress relief

Vin-Yin or Hatha for strength and tone


Before getting started...

Check with our friendly team to make sure we find the best first class for you.


What do I need?

Bare feet and an open mind


What if I want a

mat or yoga stuff

We have a comprehensive shop & will help you. To start, you may borrow a mat.