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Kids Yoga with Fern from Starseed Yoga

Fern Champion Kids Yoga

Hi! My name is Fern. I am the person behind Starseed Children and I'm the mother of two little starseed children Tallow and Sunny. I had a powerful realisation when I was 20 years old that my purpose, or my dharma, in this life was to be an advocate and support person for children and teens. Since that moment I have dedicated my life to this purpose. I have worked in early childhood education, child protection, and the school system as a school counsellor as ways to be of service to children and teens. I have university degrees in psychology and teaching and I have been a qualified Yoga teacher since 2009.

It feels so perfect to finally be bringing the gift of Yoga to children and teens. My path has been heading here for a very long time. I believe we should not have to wait until we are adults to receive the tools that Yoga offers. My hope is to share these tools with children and teens in a fun and authentic way that will enable them to flow through the ups and downs of life like the shining stars that they are. Children and teens are magical there’s no doubt about it and this space is for them to fully embody and express that magic. 💚 Fern

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy spirits…this is the catch cry of Starseed. The benefits of Yoga for children are extensive and fall roughly into these three areas of body, mind and spirit. For little bodies Yoga lengthens growing muscles and stabilises joints, promotes spinal alignment and good posture, improves body awareness and coordination, helps breathing and lung capacity and importantly leads to feeling comfortable in their unique bodies. For little minds Yoga cultivates confidence and healthy self-esteem, develops concentration and attention, helps relax and sleep better, calms the nervous system and balances emotions. For little spirits Yoga fosters creativity, expression and imagination, it cultivates kindness for self and others, builds inner strength and resilience, focuses on positive self-talk, reminds them they are perfect beings just the way they are. Yoga offers a path with ancient tools to cultivate wellbeing for children…but when they’re doing it they just think it’s FUN

Wednesdays 3.30-4.15PM

Thursdays 3.30-4.15PM

Starting Feb 8TH & 9th, 2023
Last class Apr 5th & 6th, 2023

$180 for 10 week term

To book or to inquire, contact Fern on:

E: fern_champion@hotmail.com 

M: 0478813742

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