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Yin Yoga Teacher Training






Starting the 1st of September 

This is an intensive yoga course developed for You to immerse yourself into Yin Yoga, anatomy, meridians, chakras and explore Yin Yoga with all its goodness on a deep level.

100 Hour Level 1 provides a thorough understanding of Yin Yoga and the power to teach Yin Yoga authentically and with integrity through knowledge and experience.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the main original Yin poses that are aimed to give freedom and health to the pelvis and spine. You will become well educated in the teachings of meridian lines, chakras and seasonal practices. The aim is for you to teach successful and intelligent classes packed with fascia, energy, anatomy, philosophy, and wellbeing information.

This is the real deal Yin Yoga! The kind that is deeply potent and profound. You will explore and learn this through practices, theory and lectures. This training is designed for you to learn academically, but also feel and understand it holistically. And when you are heading out to teach, your students will love you for it.

This course is usually offered at $3999.

FYS Course fee: $2790

Super Early bird: enroll by June 30th for $2500

Early bird: enroll by July 30th for $2600

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Sep 1st-3rd Friday - Sunday 

Sep 15th-17th Friday - Sunday

Sep 29th- Oct 1st  Friday - Sunday 

Oct 6th-7th Friday - Saturday


Friday: 12.00pm - 6.15pm (small breaks included but not long food break)

Saturday: 8:30am - 6:00pm (1 hour lunch break included)

Sunday 7.30am -1.00pm (small breaks included but not long food break)

*Note scheduled times may vary

Meet Mysan

If you're all strength and no flexibility, then you're easily going to get broken.

Travis Eliot

Meet Mysan Sidbo

Mysan has been practicing yoga for 20 years and has been teaching for over 15 years. She teaches Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Yang yoga as well as Meditation and Pranayama (breath awareness).

She is a senior teacher of Yoga Australia and has completed over 5500 hours of teacher trainings through the years. Among those trainings is mentoring under her Indian yoga teacher for over two years, followed by a 1 year Hatha yoga diploma and endless studies with her teacher Paul Grilley, whom she travels to study with yearly.

She has a strong anatomy interest and knowledge and is constantly attending wet labs, anatomy studies and formums to further understand our human body and applies that understanding in to a functional approach to yoga and body movement.

Mysan’s Hatha yoga lineage is from Krishnamacharia providing very much an individual focus to yoga. Ancient texts that have inspired and educated Mysan are the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali as well as the Bhagava Gita and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Her yearly studies with her teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley allows her to dive deeper into anatomy, our Being, meditation, philosophy and yoga.

Mysan has had the pleasure of assisting Paul and Suzee Grilley in their Yin Yoga teacher training program providing her with an even deeper understanding of how to share the yoga knowledge.

Mysan is an international senior teacher and she is a teacher training educator, conducting yearly Yin and Yang yoga teacher training programs for yoga teachers worldwide to develop and gain further understanding about how to share and live our yoga.

When she is at home, on the Central Coast of Australia she enjoys teaching classes, trainings and workshops at her studio The Sanctuary.

Mysan has been educating teachers for many years as a mentor and a teacher trainer. She conducts a 400 hour Functional Hatha Yoga training as well as a 200 hour post grad Yin Yang training. She also offers anatomy, epigenetic, neuro anatomy courses, applied movement neurology sessions and courses on yoga philosophy.

Mysan thrives when teaching Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Anatomy courses for yoga teachers. She also teaches yoga philosophy courses and yoga workshops for curious yoga students. Today, Mysan teaches classes at The Sanctuary as well as teaching workshops and yoga trainings in Australia and internationally.



Yin’s main poses...

Learn Yin Yoga’s main and original poses with their physical target and energetic target areas.

Functional anatomy...

Learn all the anatomy needed to teach Yin Yoga (pelvis, lower body, and spine). Deep knowledge of pelvis and spinal anatomy.


Lectures on the body fascia, water, and hydration and how that is connected through our whole Being. Continuous fascia knowledge.

Fascia issues. Issues in your tissues may be physical scar tissue or emotional scar tissue, with this knowledge you can assist your students on different levels while in practice.

Asana lab lectures...

These lectures will teach you everything you need to serve each individual student, in every pose. Exploring biomechanics.

Yin Yang Philosophy

The History of Yin Yoga. Indian tantric teachings and philosophy meets Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Purpose of Yin Yoga...

Each pose has its purpose, only when we know it, can we accurately teach it. The practice has a purpose that we also need to understand to teach it with the profoundness it deserves.

Range Of Motion...

Gain full understanding of individual and functional range of motion, compression, and tension.

Meridian lines and Chi/Qi...

Learn the main meridian lines, including the meridian and chi education needed to teach Yin yoga.

Seasonal practices...

Learn how to teach Yin Yoga differently for each season.

Trauma/Chronic illness...

Explore how Yin can aid healing of trauma, chronic and acute illness, and dis-ease.

Yin Sequencing...

Learn how to create intelligent Yin Yoga classes.

Teach Yin...

Learn how to teach an empowering Yin class with integrity and confidence.

Assist and align...

Learn how to assist your students, meeting their individual needs to find the most functional pose for them.

Chakras and chakra meditation...

Practice and lectures...

Yoga Philosophy will be deeply woven throughout the training.

This training will educate you from the depths of your bones to the edges of your Universe!

A Yin Yoga certificate will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete this training!!!

Each day will consist of meditation practice, Yin Yoga practice, lectures, theory, asana labs and all things Yin!

The great experience you will gain from all the guided practices, lectures discussions and hands on learning methods, will take your yoga teachings to a whole new level!

This course is usually offered at $3999.

FYS Course fee: $2790

Super Early bird: enroll by June 30th for $2500

Early bird: enroll by July 30th for $2600

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