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3-day Connection Retreat


January 15-17th, 2021

“Connection - the energy that exists between people (and living beings) when they feel seen, heard, or valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship” Brené Brown

The year 2020 has been a series of unfolding chaotic events leaving us physically and emotionally disconnected. Forster Yoga Studio wants to offer you an opportunity to RE-CONNECT with yourself, others and life all around you. We are offering you an open and loving space to heal, reveal your soul and start the New Year on a positive note.


During this 3-day retreat our amazing practitioners will guide you through interactive workshops and ceremonies. You have the opportunity to experience holistic mind-body practices including yoga, mindfulness, sound bowl healing, nutrition talks and more. Additional activities will provide a safe setting for sharing thoughts and feelings, allowing you to explore yourself while creating meaningful connections with others, self and nature.


If you feel a desire to connect with your true nature and empower yourself to step confidently into the New Year, this retreat is for you!

What’s included?

๑ 3 days of sessions and workshops

๑ All yoga, meditation and sound heeling sessions

๑ Breakfast on both mornings

๑ Sponge up in the beautiful and serene environment

๑ 1 amazing treatment of your choice. Extra treatments available at discounted price. Choose yours from the list below. 

  • Holistic Counseling session 

  • Reiki Energy healing session 

  • Nutrition consultation 

  • Ayurveda consultation 

  • Massage or facial

  • Infrared Sauna session

  • Yoga Therapy treatment

  • Marma therapy treatment 


Your investment?

$550 (Including 1 personal treatment)



January 15-17.2021


How to book?

Book via Mindbody or our website.
Any questions you can reach Anni at 0481243 511


Program (subject to changes)



1.30pm-2.30pm Time for treatments

3.00pm Welcome Circle and Meditation

4.30pm Heart of connection – workshop

6.00pm Restorative yoga and Sound Healing

7.00pm Dinner at your favorite restaurant



6.45am Morning Yoga Flow

8.00am Breakfast + Nutrition talk

9.30am Reconnecting to country – workshop

11.00am Time for treatments, lunch and walks by the lake

4.30pm Yin & Pin (Yin yoga + acupuncture)

6:00pm Dinner at your favorite restaurant

7.00pm Connection Circle and Cacao Ceremony



6:45am Morning Yoga Flow

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am Manifesting Magic - workshop

11.00am Closing Circle

12.00pm Departure

About Treatments

Nutrition Consultation with Lydia

Lydia Irving is a qualified Nutritionist who specialises in using food as medicine. Lydias passions are gut health and revealing the truth about nutrition rather than getting caught up in fad diets. As part of this Connection Retreat Lydia will be running a workshop on how to optimise your diet to support gut health and practical solutions to take back your health. Book in for an individualised Nutrition consultation to help you refocus on your health priorities. A consultation involves naturopathic investigations, advise on supplements that are beneficial or harmful and dietary tips for you to take into day to day life.


Reiki Healing with Anni

Reiki is a natural and safe method of self-improvement that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to our body, mind and soul. It is an effective Energy Healing Treatment that ignites your immune system and its own ability to heal.

Reiki is an amazing tool and can help you to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Energy Levels, Heal Aches and Pains and more.

Yoga Therapy with Nitya

Yoga Therapy offers a tailored treatment plan incorporating many aspects of Yoga, including breath work, relaxation techniques, meditation, mudra and much more to suit your individual needs.

Yoga Therapy is perfect if you are new to Yoga or have an interest in developing you own personal practise and a higher awareness of your body needs and capabilities, which assists in maintaining good health throughout your life.

Click here for more information

Facial or Relaxing Massage with Tracey

Tracey from The Beauty Sanctum within Forster yoga studio. Offering a nourishing facial using Australian organic skincare. Or a relaxation massage using essential oils and hot stones.

Click here for more information

Holistic Coaching with Jess

Jess’ perspective on being a Holistic Coach is enabling a fusion of the powerful and effective modalities of Life Coaching, NLP, Energy healing and intuitive insight into your current situation and draw on a wide range of tools to help you reach your desired outcomes. The session will vary depending on your needs.

Click here for more information

Marma Therapy with Nitya

Marma Therapy is a highly-effective, non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment that addresses many health and wellbeing issues such as Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Low energy, Ongoing pain or discomfort.Marma Therapy Treatments use gentle pressure on specific marma points on the body, reactivating the body's energy centres. Marma's are centres of the body's vital force or prana.

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Holistic Counselling with Tracy

Do you want to gain control over your emotional state and find peace of mind? Holistic Counselling combines traditional counselling with complementary therapies where the physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of wellbeing are all considered. 

Click here for more information 

Ayurveda consultation with Nitya

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and works hand in hand with Yoga. Ayurveda views you as an individual with a unique constitution that reveals your personal traits and assists in the development of conscious lifestyle, work and diet choices.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared is a safe wavelength of light (or energy) which we feel as heat. Infrared works by heating the body directly, warming us safely to create a cardiovascular workout on the body whilst removing heavy metals and toxins. Infrared is different to steam or hot rocks sauna in that it heats the body at a lower more comfortable temperature.

Limited spots available, register today to reserve yours!


Art Therapy and Yin Yoga
3 Day Sanctum


April 2021

Bringing peace to your past, present and future self.

Immerse yourself into your journey of identifying past experiences that have impacted your current way of living, then discover your strengths to change your future direction.


Facilitated by Art Therapists:

Cassandra Fletcher Mental Health Social Worker
and Yin Yoga teacher

Elise Wynyard Mental Health Social Worker

Rob Gray Psychologist


Your investment?


All art materials supplied. Please bring a towel to cover yoga mats and bolsters to remain COVID safe.
Forster Yoga Studio is located in the heart of Forster, local cafés and eateries line the street providing an abundance of choices for your morning coffee and lunch. You may wish to bring snacks for short breaks.

Parking is difficult, so leave yourself time to park a little further away and enjoy a morning walk to the studio, grabbing a coffee along the way.



January 22-24.2021


How to book?

Book via Mindbody or our website.




Day 1

10am introduction

11am meditation facilitated by Elise

11.30am  art activity topic Where have I been?

1pm Lunch

1.45pm Yin Yoga

2.15pm continue art activity

3.30pm gather and close

4pm day 1 complete


Day 2

10am Yin Yoga

11am art activity topic Where am I now?

1pm Lunch

1.45pm meditation

2.15pm continue art activity

3.30pm gather and close

4pm day 2 complete


Day 3

10am Yin Yoga

11am art activity topic Where am I going?

1pm Lunch

1.45pm meditation

2.15pm continue art activity

3.30pm gather and farewell


We look forward to meeting you and being part of your journey toward your future self.


50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Maryanne Edwards


April 2nd - 5th, 2021

Please join Maryanne for this immersion into the science of yin yoga for teachers and dedicated practitioners. This course explores the philosophy of yin yang theory, traditional Chinese medicine as it relates to the organs and elements, mindfulness meditation and the role of a slow, soft practice.

$895 early bird (ends March)

$990 normal bird.


Friday: 12.30 - 20.00

Saturday: 09:30 - 17:30

Sunday: 08:00 - 14:30

Monday: 08:00 - 16:00

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