Resolve and Evolve with Jess Karnaghan


Hollistic Coaching

The word Holistic means taking in the big picture and approaching things from a perspective of interconnectedness – mind, body and spirit.

My perspective on being a Holistic Coach is enabling a fusion of the powerful and effective modalities of Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Therapy and Energy Healing into your current situation and draw on a wide range of tools to help you reach your desired outcomes.


An initial introductory session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are approximately 75 mins.


If an appointment time below does not suit you, please get in touch and we can make some flexible arrangements.

NLP  & Matrix Training


  • NEURO: Our nervous system, brain/mind and how that interacts with the body.

  • LINGUISTIC: The words and language we use. (Language can be verbal and non verbal)

  • PROGRAMMING: Is the habits of thought (often unconscious) that lead to habits of behaviour that lead to our outcomes in life.

By discovering your unconscious beliefs with NLP you can gain clarity on whether they work well for you or if they are not serving you in living a happy, fulfilled and successful life. This places you in a powerful position of FREEDOM OF CHOICE about whether you would like to change them and how to do that.


Crystal Dreaming

A safe inner journey to uncover your full potential YOUR JOURNEY.

Crystal Dreaming will allow you to locate and dissolve challenges manifesting here and now that have their roots in another time and place, often in past lives and frequently relating to unresolved emotional trauma.

Your unique shamanic journey can also present you with a golden opportunity to consciously activate and align with your divine mission, blueprint or life plan. It can bring clarity of purpose to your life and frequently leads to a blissful reconnection with the Divine.

The results of Crystal Dreaming sessions are often profound and transformative.


The laying on of stones is an ancient Healing Art practiced by the Mayans, Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.


New Age philosophy acknowledges the truth of the inter-connectedness of all things, the reality of the Spirit world and the existence of beings in other realities. It perceives the illusion of linear time and space and the truth of our infinite being.


Crystal Quartz is silicon dioxide; the most common mineral compound on Earth. It is also found in small quantities throughout our body, hence the affinity or resonance between our own molecular structure and crystals. When crystals are placed on the body the healing process is stimulated from within.

By placing certain crystals around the crown chakra and creating a particular pattern or mandala, it is possible to focus Divine Energy, activating the pineal gland and triggering a shift in your consciousness into an “altered and expanded state.”

In this enhanced state of awareness, I will assist you in releasing any blockages or limitations, cellular memories, past or present life trauma and any energies that are not totally aligned with unconditional love. Once this is complete, it is possible to experience a state of oneness and bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur. You may also recall past life abilities, clear Karma and open clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience abilities during your session.



Crystal Dreaming sessions are facilitated in person only at Forster Yoga Studio: Level 1, 46-48 Wharf Street Forster.

Crystal Dreaming is a drug free, no touch shamanic healing process, you remain fully clothed and fully conscious.

Sessions average 90 minutes with a ten minute debrief afterwards.

To participate in a journey you must be 18 years old

You must be in stable mental condition

Please do not take the shamanic journey if you have taken any recreational drugs in the past two weeks.

It is best to avoid over consumption of caffeine prior to your journey and eat lightly before your session.

It is helpful to minimise commitments after your crystal dreaming shamanic journey session so that you can take some time to fully integrate the experience