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Class Description




Imagine moving like a leopard.... now imagine that's you moving with that majestic ease and strength! This is what our Vinyasa classes do to you: You become supple, strong, flexible, balanced and calm.

Vinyasa means breath with movement. In yoga talk, Vinyasa is also the reference of moving through a series of poses commonly used in sun salutations, targeting strength in the whole body.

Learning how to use your breath while moving will calm your parasympathetic nervous system, and teach you how to move without risking injuries while practicing on those advanced poses.

If you are new to yoga, give yourself at least 2-3 Vinyasa classes to get into the flow. Rest assured our teachers will always be able to give you gentler options. For the experienced yogis, our Vinyasa classes are your playground where you can immerse yourself into an abundance of growth.



If you weren't a yogi, we would describe this class as "the one where you roll around on your mat and stay for a very long time". That's what it would look like from the outside.

But since you are here, studying our class descriptions we will assume you're looking for something more meaningful. Yin Yoga, if practiced regularly, will change your life. Hands on heart. It will.Here is why: we are bombarded with messages around us that we need to do more, be more, achieve more. We have been taught to ignore our body's messages, ignore the urges to play and have fun at the expense of having a job, making money, then spending it.... yet we all long for one thing: happiness and connection. Yin will give you just that.

What's the difference between Restorative and Yin? Yin Yoga has blended the traditional yoga postures and adapted Traditional Chinese Medicine science to these postures. Various postures will target different energy loops that run through your body.The postures are held for 3-7 minutes; all stretch-type postures with the use of yoga props to get you comfy. When holding your stretches for longer than 1 minute, your connective tissues are being stimulated. Without getting too technical, this means sexy, elastic, open joints and movement for longer! There is a reason why yoga teachers can still do their splits in their 90-ies!

Now back to that longing for happiness; have you found it when running from goal to goal? Have you felt it when being busy? This is why you need to slow down, my friend. If you struggle to slow down by yourself, this class will teach you how. If you're looking for Zen, your Yin class is Zen in concentrate. Do it. Invest that time in yourself. You are soooooooo worth this.Yin is suitable for all levels of fitness and normal to limited range of mobility. Please advise your teacher before class if you have any concerns or limitations in movement. The entire class is either seated or lying down. No yoga experience is required.


Healing Hatha 

Healing Hatha is inspired by Restorative and Yin and is a blissful blend of relaxing poses to help release stress and calm the mind.


During this class you will be guided through a range of poses that help release stress and tension all while gently and consciously strengthening the core. Our core stabilises the whole body and is essential for balance and the health of our spine, so when we look after and strengthen this important group of muscles we find that simple everyday tasks become just that little bit easier. This class is the perfect way to become more present within the body and mind and is great for all levels.


Luna Flow 

Luna flow is a gentle Vinyasa style class that is designed to reconnect the mind and breath to the body after the business of each day. During this class you will be guided through a gentle flow that allows you to tune into your energy levels, listen to your body and be guided by your breath for a practice that invites you to go at your own pace.


Our bodies are 60% water so it is no surprise that just like the moon changes the tides, it is also said it can change our mood! With that in mind the classes will tap into that energy of each moon phase to make the perfect mix of movement and mindfulness and is perfect for all levels.



Vin-Yin is the perfect blend between building stamina and finding calm.
For the first half of the class you will be guided through a simple sequence of postures, getting your body fit like a Jedi warrior. We will repeat the sequence a few times, which allows you to drop out of your head and into a trance-like state. Imagine you, the Jedi warrior, in unison with your laser sword. Everything flows in perfect harmony. May the force be with you.
Once you have tuned your body for more strength, stamina, and balance your teacher will guide you into some soothing long held stretches. Imagine the Jedi warrior after the fight, sinking into a bath covered in rose petals. That's the Yin- part of this class. Yiiiiinnnnnnnn..... notice your exhales turning from pants to looooong calming sighs of relief. Witness even the tightest joints opening up and your calming hormones buzzing through your body, your entire existence becomes Zen.
This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, fitness and flexibility.
When booking this class, you will receive a Zoom link automatically before the class starts. Make sure you don't have it coming to your junk mail. Another thing to check before joining, is if you can cast your class onto your TV, or use bluetooth speakers for optimal sound. See you on the mat!


Mindful Flow 

Mindful Flow is your regular Vinyasa class in slow motion. What happens when you slow down? You need to think less about where to put your arms and legs, and you get to feel more in your body what your arms and legs are doing.
When you start feeling the various postures more, you will feel like you are working harder in some poses, while you get to rest a little bit deeper in others.
While some classes will have you hold a pose for a prolonged period of time, in a Mindful Flow class you will keep moving. In our lyrical Mindful Flow class, think of this as a Tai Chi version of a faster class. Feel like you are floating through water while your sweat glands pump, and your lungs become stronger.
One thing is certain, at the end of the class you will feel AH-MAZING! Strong, long, focused, and uplifted.
We recommend this class to beginners, as
well as experienced yogis. While Beginners have the time to learn the various postures here, experienced yogis have the chance to fine tune their form. As we become more and more experienced, we learn that there is always more to learn.
Great for physical stamina and strength, balance and flexibility.
Great for managing anxiety, PTSD, depression and sleep trouble.
Great for combating stress issues.

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Stay Young Yoga

Stay Young Yoga is for those who live in pain from stiff and sore joints, arthritis, or just the effects of aging.
As we age, our flexibility, strength, and balance decrease. Yoga is known to improve all these. Another aspect of yoga is to calm the mind, develop a connection to your spirit and to find peace with the life you have created for yourself.

Our Stay Young Yoga classes are predominantly conducted on chairs. You will be amazed at how effectively you can improve posture, strength and flexibility by just sitting on a chair! Forget stressful prostrations down onto the floor and back up. Here we use gentle movement and breath to ease you into positions you did not know you were capable off. No previous experience is required, just the willingness to try something new.