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Why Home Yoga will help you through the Coronavirus Pandemic:
  1. Yoga has been stated to be the Number One antidote to the current Corona Virus Pandemic by Harvard University!

  2. It allows for daily movement while at home, there are levels that suit every BODY.

  3. Its focus on breathing and improving your respiratory system helps you fight the virus if under attack.

  4. Yoga's calming effects have shown to help thousands of people across the globe in dealing with uncertainty.

  5. Yoga boosts your immune system.

  6. Yoga help you deal with conflict and nurture close relationships with love and compassion.

What you need to start Yoga at home:
  1. An electronic device such as a phone or iPad

    • Some of our members cast their yoga classes onto the flat screen using Google chrome

    • If using a smaller screen, it might be a good idea to speakers on the side
  2. Enough space for your mat (but you don't even really need a mat)

    • Choose a corner (or a room if you have the space) that feels safe and has natural light.

    • Avoid a space where family members (and pets) might come and disturb you

  3. The essentials for your practice:

    • Yoga mat. If you don't have a yoga mat, you can grab one online or from our studio store.

    • Bolster or cushions rolled up in a blanket

    • Blocks or a pile of thick books

    • Strap or a belt from your overweight partner!

  4. The extras to indulge your senses:

    • Eye pillow to block out sun light and help you slip deeper into relaxation

    • Lavendar essential oil for calming and soothing

    • Ylang- Ylang, Geranium, Sandalwood or Frankinsense oils are other oils to enhance your practice with sharpening your focus.

    • Pick up any clutter around your space. Having it tidy during your practice will help you stay focused and not have your mind wander off to your to do lists...

    • Get creative with decorating your nook. Place some items that help you feel love and calm around you.

  5. Stay Connected while apart:

    • Connection is EVERYTHING! Connecting to other yogis helps you feel part of something bigger, part of a tribe. In our tribe everyone is accepted and included.

    • When first joining, it's okay to feel a little shy. Our friendly team will be reaching out to you right after starting to help you get started with a suitable class.

Online Yogi membership

- Weekly How-to Yoga tutorials for beginners
- Styles of yoga include Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Yoga HIIT, Senior Yoga (Stay Young Yoga) plus more.
- Weekly Nutrition talk & Chakra Healing Meditation

- Include the entire family with your Yoga for family sanity!
- All classes are saved in our FB group, grouped into Topics for easy access depending on what mood you’re in!
- Free phone consultation for guidance and support

- Message service for questions on aches and pains

- Email and text message service including handy tips and motivation to guide you along the way!

All of this for just $9/week.

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