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Courses and Events Calendar

With so many extra events and courses offered by Forster Yoga Studio, here is an overview of all that is being offered:

Beginners Yoga, Meditation, Women's and Men's Circles are regular offerings, while workshops with master teachers are offered on a at needs basis. Music events such as Mindful Dance classes, Kirtan and Sound Healing will also be listed here.

We have had many people ask us about meditation and how to learn it. There are many forms of meditation, and the Silky Oak meditation class comes from the tradition of Zen Buddhism.


Feeling "zenned" out is therefore guaranteed!


Tracy, your meditation teacher, is an ordained member of 'the order of the boundless way' . Tracy is also a buddhist chaplain registered with the buddhist council of NSW Australia.
The order of the boundless way is committed to the promotion and practice of Zen Buddhism as a universal form, open and available to everyone, independent of specific ethnic or cultural practices or traditions.
Boundless way practitioners seek to integrate spirituality into their day to day lives by way of Zen practice.


By joining this class, you will find yourself feeling calmer, able to view things from various perspectives and gaining more wisdom about your life and what you experience around you.

It is asked that you wear loose clothing in darker colours suited to sitting in your preferred posture. Please avoid all perfumes, cologne, and scented deodorants, as they may cause physical suffering to other meditators. You should also avoid eating a large meal before you sit, as the extra food can inhibit abdominal breathing, as well as drowsiness. All mobile phones should be turned off before entering the meditation room.

Donations are not required but if anyone should like to contribute to the costs of running services and maintaining our centre, a donation box will be available.

Class entails 2 x 10 min sitting meditation with 5 min walking meditation between the 2 . Then a light discussion will follow

Summer Solstice 108

with Fern Champion

Salute the Sun and intention setting.

108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and Yoga. The number 108 connect the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters.
Traditionally malas (prayer beads) come as a string of 108 beads. In this class we will celebrate the summer solstice by practicing a yoga mala of 108 sun salutations. We will follow the physical practice with an intention setting session for the year that's been and the year to come. All levels welcome.

Gentle sun salutation variations will be offered.

Class will be offered as free for members, however we won't turn down donations towards serving our community at the door. Please book for safety.

Cacao Ceremony with Lydia Irwing

Cacao ceremonies are a centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener. In addition to being packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus. It helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost.


Lydia from Internal Instinct is excited to share her cacao shipped from her favourite town in Guatemala sourced organically and sustainably. She invites you to join this incredibly nourishing experience before our regular 8am Vinyasa classes in December.


Please BYO mug!


A five dollar note donation will be appreciated at the door. Please book here as there are limited spots.

Aroma Yin with Shane Dimech

We will be combining Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, with Yin Yoga Poses during the class. We will all personally apply the oils as directed, and work on unblocking the Chakra Associated throughout the pose, letting the combination of the oils, pose, and mantras assist in unblocking the Chakra.
This will be aimed at all skill levels, and no experience is necessary.


About the teacher:


Shane has been an Avid Yogi for nearly 2 years. He has come from a Military background and used Yoga as a very important tool to help combat Mental Health issues over the past few years. Shane completed his Yin Yoga Teacher Training earlier this year, and is currently studying Aromatherapy to assist him to keep helping others.


About the cause:


We are offering this class as an extra gift to our members for free. Shane will be running this on a fortnightly basis. Members are not expected to gift any donations, we are now including this into your membership!

Women's Circle with Jess Karnaghan

Join us on the first Sunday of each month for 90 minutes of connection, mindfulness and the magic that is experienced when women come together to support each other in sistership.

During these circles each woman will have the chance to share what she is currently experiencing and be witnessed and supported in this safe and nurturing space.
There will be an opportunity for a feminine sacred ritual of letting go of anything currently weighing you down and to set an intention for something new to blossom or grow in your future. Please bring a pen, and a small clear quartz crystal to use for this process.

There will be a guided healing meditation that is specifically tailored to the needs of the group energy. This meditation will assist each woman to shift any stuck or heavy energy and leave the circle feeling refreshed and re-connected with their own inner wisdom.

Numbers are limited to 12 sisters.

Cost: Members $25 | Non Members: $30


About your facilitator:
Jess Karnaghan is the founder of Resolve and Evolve. She is a Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She loves sharing wisdom and tools from various mindset, mindfulness and metaphysical teachings to help women reclaim and re-connect to their inner power and gain clarity on their authentic purpose to live their most fulfilling life possible.


Yoga Teacher Info Session with Ashari Hudson

Join our teacher team Ashari & Mia for this complimentary info session about our upcoming 200 hour Teacher Training course in 2021.


Our upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training session is coordinated by Idit, the founder of Sukha Mukha Yoga and the Director of Sukha Mukha Yoga teacher training (formerly known as Samadhi Yoga teacher training).


At this info session, we will not only discuss how you will become an effective yoga teacher, but also how you will become a transformative leader in your community.


These YTT trainings are about becoming more of yourself and bringing this authenticity to your teaching and to your life. Join our teacher training to learn how to develop yoga community, lead change and be powerful in your teaching, your life and your community.

Once you have completed the required sessions and received your certificate, you will be eligible to apply to the Yoga Alliance to be registered as a 200-hour yoga teacher.


As part of Idit's and Sukha Mukha's upcoming yoga teacher training course, our students will be given the chance to practice teaching and assisting as part of our ongoing yoga class collection. You will be joining a community of like minded people, and even if you decide not to step into a yoga teacher role, we can guarantee you more satisfaction, more joy, and more wisdom flowing into your life.


Still on the fence? Invest this 1 hour in meeting your main teacher team and learn about this opportunity with no strings attached.


Due to Covid, and some enormous demands on our yoga teacher training courses, we recommend booking early so you don't miss out.

Men's Circle with Eric Hudson

"Many men are struggling with their identity. The post feminine emancipation wave that has been going on for decades, has swept the man of today from his 2000-year-old patriarchal pedestal.

Man is re-inventing himself. He is drifting somewhere between the masculine image of the Gillette razored, Marlboro smoking macho cowboy managing his BBQ, and the meditating emphatic cleaning beaches yogi man. Men have learned to carry their pain deep within. They discover that coming out of their hidden caves, sharing in Men’s circles and finding brotherhood instead of competing, sharing their troubles instead of numbing themselves out, is actually not that frightful at all. But for many men, this is still a big hurdle to take. Dear men out there, when you feel the calling: how can you step over initial doubt, fear and embrace real courage by truly opening up to your brothers? Where do you start?"

We pinched these lines from an article which you can find here:



We are inviting you to this very first Men's Circle so we can find out about your hopes, heart intentions, and ideas for how we might function as a group and individually.

The group will be led by Eric Hudson, a relationship counsellor with over 30 years experience. Eric has recently joined our studio and is now an aspiring yogi with a passion for our yoga community.


This circle is free.

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