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Do you find yourself racing from one spot to the next, constantly chasing for time, approval, or just feeling like the demands on you don't seem to stop? Is there something not quite clicking with your health, relationships, your body or are you just feeling stuck?

Imagine a life where you wake up before the alarm clock feeling joyful and grateful for the day ahead of you. You stretch and looooove the body you're in, the life you’re living.... does that sound like something you want?

What if we said that you could totally be this person, no matter how hectic your life is right now. No matter how sick or inflamed your body is feeling right now.

That might sound easy for us to say and harder for you to believe, right? But here is why we are so passionate about what we do here at FYS: We have seen that change in so many people and absolutely believe that you can have that, too.​

We have a talented group of healers and yoga teachers beaming and longing to help you change your life around. If you are ready for change, we are ready to help you.

Our practitioners and their spaces


The Beauty Sanctum

with Tracey Ehlefeldt

When you meet Tracey you will immediately feel enchanted by her blissful presence. Tracey is nicknamed our “fairy godmother” here at our studio. She has decades of experience working at high quality beauty therapy and spa centres with extensive experience in managing 5 star spas. When you book in a treatment with her be prepared to be pampered, loved up, and feel as if you are in heaven. Tracey is known for her pristine professionalism, yet offering her services for brilliant value.

Internal Instinct

with Lydia Irving


Nutritional Medicine is a holistic practice which endeavours to bring the whole body into balance, rather than treating disease in isolation. As a qualified nutritionist (BHSc) I follow the naturopathic philosophies to health, caring for mind, body, and spirit.

My aim is to empower you to take back your health and heal your relationship with food.

I offer private consultations to help understand and heal your body in a supportive environment.

Evolve Yoga & Meditation with Nitya
(Nicola) Robertson

Nitya is a qualified & accredited Marma Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, and Plant Based Food Expert. Nitya has many years of experience and expertise practising yoga, facilitating workshops and retreats, and providing individual yoga therapy consultations and programs. We recommend seeing Nitya in particular to you who might have some health implications or concerns that inhibit you living your life freely.

Our personal favourite at the Healing Hub is Nitya’s Marma Therapy, which is a light contact treatment setting you into a deep relaxed state. You will notice subtle differences in all aspects of your life ranging from reduced pain, to feeling more uplifted and self- empowered.


Resolve and Evolve

with Jess Karnaghan

My name is Jess Karnaghan and what lights me up is empowering people like you to live your best life possible. I would love to help you rediscover how amazing you are and the infinite potential you have for living a fulfilling, abundant and successful life - whatever that looks like for you.

Holistic Therapies to help you live your Highest Potential


Jess Karnaghan

Holistic Life Coach

Matrix Therapy - Energy Healing - Crystal Dreaming - Neuro-Lingu

Tracy Lucock, dip Complimentary Therapies

Holistic health and well-being counsellor

Heal the mind, heal the body 

Tracy is an esteemed and popular yoga teacher at our studio. However, she holds a passion for helping people unlock their minds out of fear, despair and disease. Tracy has many stories where she has helped cancer patients heal or reduce their symptoms.

She finds it tricky to explain what she does in counselling, and we totally get it. Tracy is like an ocean of love and tranquility when you step into her presence. She knows how to hold space for whatever you have going on, and when you leave your appointment with her you can be guaranteed with the feeling of clarity and lightness. However, because we are all different, we have different things going on, she can not lock in what direction her consultation will take you.

If you have tried “everything”, then start with seeing Tracy.

Anni Turunen, Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Anni is a Finn with a global heart, but her roots are deep in the Finnish nature. She has a blend of formal yoga teacher training, energy work and life experience that gives her a unique ability to see and hear those around her in a way that is very gentle and real.

She originally started yoga as a form of exercise when she was working in a fast paced job in London, but quickly discovered the amazing benefits yoga has to offer to the mind and soul. Yoga and other personal development tools had such an impact on her that she decided to leave the corporate world behind. Anni completed her yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Throughout the years she has developed an interest in correcting the imbalances on the physical, psychological and emotional body created by past trauma and stressful lifestyle. The most important thing for her is to help you find you own flow so you can experience higher love, greater growth and deeper healing.

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